Top Summer 2021 Hot-Sellers For Your Shopify Store and How to Find the Right Suppliers

Last summer was a memorable one but for all the wrong reasons. Most of the world was tied down in quarantine or stuck at home due to shelter-in-place orders. Summer barbecues and beach parties were a non-starter.

Fast forward to 2021 and the Covid-19 vaccine is allowing us all some degree of freedom. Everyone is looking forward to seizing the summer which provides a great window for you as a Shopify online store owner. If you can offer buyers exciting products to make their summer more enjoyable you could rake in invasive profits.

So, to get you on the winning path, we created a list of top summer product picks and where to find suppliers for them.

Let's dive in, shall we?




After all the months of working from home and hardly getting outside, playing in the sun again will be a great reprieve.  However, if your store is in the personal care niche, it is important to offer your customers some sunscreen. Remind them how much freedom it will give them once they put it on and no longer have to worry about sunburns or skin cancer.




From Banana bread to cocktails before sunset, quarantine calories may have caused some people to outgrow their beloved swimwear. On the other hand, what's a summer without some new stylish bikinis or swimming trunks?

With that in mind, take the time to update the swimwear listings on your Shopify store. Colorful pieces in stylish designs and all-inclusive sizes will likely have you selling out in no time.




Lounging in pools or splashing around with kids is almost a mandatory summer rite of passage. It is thus fitting that you offer your consumers the right inflatable devices to enjoy themselves both safely and comfortably. Remember, summer fun is for all and it would be best to include designs for both adults and children.



Summer Hats and Dresses

Does your Shopify store focus on apparel? Then summer hats and dresses are exactly what the doctor ordered. From the long and fluttering dresses to the short and flirty ones, all designs are welcome as they cater to different tastes. However, if you can pick out breathable fabrics and interesting prints, your sales could get as hot as the weather.



Bluetooth Speakers

Let's be honest a summer party with no music is a poolside meeting. This is why Bluetooth speakers are a hot seller in the summer. They set the rhythm for road trips and family cookouts..

As you pick the Bluetooth speaker to list on your store, aim for a wide variety in terms of color, top brands, and designs. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers would also likely be quite popular.pexels-burst-374110.jpg


Portable Fans

It is easy to turn the air conditioner on indoors but the temperatures outside can be overwhelming. Your customers will likely appreciate portable fans that can keep from melting while they are out and about in the sun.

Rechargeable models that can be clipped onto various surfaces would be a great choice as they offer unparalleled convenience. Handheld fans and unique models like neck fans could equally be a great hit.



Baby Summer Toys

Kids enjoy the summer just as much as adults do. If this is your niche, playmates, water slides, and toy water sprayers are all toys worth considering. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to ensure that the baby summer toys you list in your online store are safe for children.



Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream is an all-time crowd-pleaser on any day but in the summer, it is worth its weight in gold. If you are worried your kitchen appliances store may get neglected this summer, an ice cream machine will be a good addition. Consider offering some ice cream bowls and scoops too so that buyers can find everything they need in one place.



Beach Mats and Towels

Anyone who has had to wash out sand from their hair understands the importance of beach mats and towels. They truly are a summer must-have. However, it would still be wise to make your customers an offer they can't refuse. Try and select plush irresistible designs of both mats and towels. Easy-to-clean mats could also quickly become a favorite.



Finding the Right Suppliers For Top Summer Hot-Seller Products


Identifying the right summer products to list on your Shopify store is important but finding the right suppliers is critical. A good supplier is one who:

  • Stocks high-quality products
  • Delivers effectively
  • Offers affordable prices that allow you to make a profit
  • Offers multiple shipping options at fair rates
  • Can accommodate the scale of orders received by your Shopify store

Platforms such as AliExpress and 1688 are a heaven for hundreds of thousands of suppliers. There is hardly anything you can not find on them. They offer a wide variety of commodities at friendly wholesale prices and can fulfill orders to most countries across the world.

The challenge with both AliExpress and 1688 is that you would have to vet endless options of suppliers before identifying those you believe would be a good fit for your store. This is an exhausting time-consuming activity. Worse still, sometimes, you could still end up choosing an unreliable supplier.

The Hitter App could help make finding the right products and suppliers much easier for you. Curious? Let us discuss what the Hitter App has to offer.



Using the Hitter App to Find Reliable Suppliers

The Hitter App is a free tool designed to be a Shopify store owner's companion. It is free to sign up with no credit card details required. Once you get that out of the way, you can use this app to:

  • Run market research- after you have made your list of potential summer products to sell, you could use the Hitter App to see how many of your competitors will be offering the same products. This could give you an idea of how much competition you will be up against and help decide how to proceed.
  • Research products- say you have decided to sell sunscreen. The Hitter App product research tool could help you identify the top sunscreen brands based on their sales.

Now, on to the main act. When you have picked a product to sell, the Hitter App recommends suitable suppliers from AliExpress and 1688. The supplier recommendations you receive are fully vetted based on the number of orders they have successfully fulfilled and how well they handled them.

Further, after you have filtered through your shortlisted supplier recommendations, you can use Hitter to import the products you choose to list on your Shopify store. It is a seamless process because the Hitter App is designed to be fully compatible with Shopify.

All things considered, why put yourself through endless supplier searches when Hitter can do all the hard work for you?



Summer is likely to be in full stride by July. However, it is best to start preparing your Shopify online store early enough to catch those early-bird sales. Consider running ads of your products as well to entice potential buyers into a summer state of mind.

Now that you know what products to keep an eye on and what the Hitter App can for your Shopify store, what more could you need? Go on and seize the summer.






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