How to Select Products for Your Ecommerce Website in 2021

There is a popular saying in the e-commerce industry that says product selection is far more important than operation. The saying is so simple, but it reveals the fact that products are important. Obviously, product selection is the most important step for sellers to succeed with their eCommerce websites!

A skilled product selector with a record of one hundred million sales can finish the testing of three products in about one day. This includes the complete understanding and selection of the appropriate product through a variety of information channels, including Internet searching, production of materials, and the uploading of product details. To receive the first order, however, the average number of products tested daily needs to reach 30~50. Therefore, the wide gap between the goal and reality can only be filled by a larger quantity of manpower, requiring at least 10 product selectors, which is a considerable cost and burden for any enterprise.   

Hitter provides personalized recommendation of products and search for a large quantity of top-selling products through the analysis of hot products and advertising data. In addition to that, Hitter also supports one-key import of the product information as well as one-key purchase, covering the whole process of product selection including screening, updating, pricing suggesting, and purchasing. Therefore, with the help of Hitter, the efficiency of product selection will be greatly improved, and the cost of manpower will be dramatically reduced. Below is a description of how Hitter empowers your business.



1) Discovering Top-Selling Products

In order to select one model of a good-selling product, it often requires a comprehensive consideration of information from a variety of platforms. Typically, we learn about the trends of top-selling products from social media platforms, such as Instagram, Youtube, or data tools like Google Trends. We might even search for keywords on third-party platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress to select products. However, the large number of products in the market is often overwhelming. If you want to screen for good products, a lot of time and energy must be spent. Therefore, these methods are not optimum. 

Hitter, on the other hand, recommends potential hot-selling products through the analysis of multiple points of data encompassing three dimensions: popularity, comments, and the trends of hot-selling products. Based on the data, Hitter has deep insight into the growth potential of the market segmented by product category, thereby giving you a competitive edge in finding the niche market.

To make it easier for novice sellers, Hitter gives one-click access into the details page of the segmentation in a single category, allowing sellers to further get to know the social interaction, search and sales trends of the category. In the meantime, it provides recommendations for products currently being sold well or being advertised. So, how can new sellers quickly enter a less competitive but somewhat popular category market? Hitter has already figured it out for you.

At the same time, Hitter can personally recommend related products according to the sales of established stores. For example, if your top-selling product in the last 7 days is an exquisite brooch, you will see several similar or related products in the background. What's more convenient is that these related products are all clickable links, ready for you to simply click and learn more. As far as established merchants are concerned, a lot of time and effort can be saved in the process of developing new models and testing products quickly. It is truly a time saver!



2) Product Releasing

When you have found the appropriate products, do you really plan on finding all of the data, text, and photo information for the products by yourself? Will you then spend time downloading, organizing, and re-uploading them to your store? This is the conventional process like I mentioned above, but to be honest, it is very inefficient.

The good news is that Hitter has now been integrated with AliExpress. Hence, after determining the products to be sold, Hitter will match various sources of products on AliExpress according to the photo information. The detailed information and materials of the corresponding products can then be collected with one click to realize rapid import. This greatly helps the sellers to optimize their workflow.



3) Product Pricing

How do you price a product after it has hit the shelves?

Pricing is an important step in the work of eCommerce website. Reasonable pricing will not only entice customers, but also benefit sellers.

Usually, the basic pricing principle of the eCommerce sites is to keep the customer unit price at 10 to 50 US dollars as much as possible. Since the cost includes several aspects, such as the purchase cost, advertising expenses, logistics cost, etc., you can consider pricing the product at 3 times the cost price to ensure profitability.

Hitter follows the basic pricing principles. As the market fluctuates, it can provide you with reasonable suggested pricing, which can be used as a reference for your pricing.



4) One-Key Purchasing and Dropshipping

The process of product selection has never been an easy thing. The difficulty of product selection lies not only in excavating the large list of potential hot products, but also in finding reliable sources for the products after the selection. When you select a product recommended by Hitter, you are able to click into the product details page and find the same or similar products as recommended by AliExpress and 1688. It is a more convenient way for you to quickly find the source of products. 

In addition to that, after receiving the order from the selected product in your store, the order can then be automatically synchronized to Hitter and the purchase order can be placed in Hitter with just the push of a button. At that time, the delivery address should be filled in with the address left by the customer who placed the order in your store. The supplier can then deliver the product on your behalf to complete the transaction. Sellers who use Hitter will save time and optimize the purchase process.

After the launch of new products, the only thing you need to do is to be responsible for store operations and customer experience. You will not need to worry about overstocked products, logistics services, and after-sales service. In this way, Hitter can fully meet the requirements of novice sellers to quickly start cross-border business through the dropshipping model. Hitter also allows medium-sized and larger merchants to quickly complete product testing at the lowest cost possible. How perfect is that!


To sum up, Hitter will help your business run smoothly in the days to come. The time to act is now! Why wait?



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