Fulfill orders through AliExpress

Currently, the online direct purchase channel only supports AliExpress products.We have automatically associated the AliExpress store corresponding to the product when we collect AliExpress products, so when an order is generated, the purchase will automatically place the order to the corresponding AliExpress store when the product was collected.


Order synchronization logic: When the C-side customer generates an order, the order will be synchronized to the Hitter-purchasing management list in real time. The default status is [Pending Purchase] and the products in the same Shopline order will be split into multiple purchase order lines based on different suppliers of AliExpress, and only the purchase order of the next supplier is supported each time

Purchase by clicking "To order". Before one-click purchase, please make sure that you have installed the Chrome plug-in "Hitter" and logged in to your AliExpress account. If you haven’t installed the plug-in, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for "Hitter" to install it.


After clicking "To order", Hitter will automatically complete the ordering process in AliExpress. After the AliExpress order is successfully created, the page will automatically jump to the AliExpress settlement page. You only need to check the order details and complete the payment. , The AliExpress purchase order number will be automatically synchronized back to the Hitter system


The tracking number will not be obtained immediately after the AliExpress order number is generated. The AliExpress supplier will usually process the shipment within 1-3 days. To synchronize the tracking number, the merchant must manually click [Acquire Tracking No.]. When the synchronization is successful, Hitter will automatically synchronize the tracking number back to the store


When the merchant processes the shipment on the Shopify store side,In order to avoid over-delivery,the Hitter side will mark the corresponding item as completed, and re-shipment is not supported.




If you have any questions, you can contact us directly by email hittersupport@hitterapp 

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