Finding reliable sources of goods on 1688?

1. View the relevant information of the supplier's store:

1.1 Margin (yuan): The higher the margin, the more reliable;

1.2 Supply level: The higher the level, the more reliable it is. For novices, suppliers with a supply level of five diamonds and above are more trustworthy;

1.3 Trading Medal: The higher the more reliable

1.4 Store opening time: longer time usually means more reliable;

1.5 Buyer service ability: Compared with the same industry, usually higher than the average indicates more reliable, the higher the better;

1.6 Return rate: the higher the return rate, the more trusted customers who have purchased;

1.7 Business license: Having a legal business license indicates that the supplier is more reliable.


2.By checking whether the number of products on the shelves of the supplier's store is sufficient and whether there are new products in the near future, the number of products on the shelves is sufficient and the new products are kept at regular intervals, which means that the supplier's store is in good condition and is more stable and reliable. 


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