Hitter overview

Hitter’s positioning:

It is a system that helps merchants find hot-selling products, at the same time, provides a drop shipping service. When merchants obtain orders,  they can perform a drop shipping through Hitter.

Hitter's mode of operation:

Find Products---->One-click listing of products to Shopify stores---->Run a business in a shopify store---->After obtain orders, to order through Hitter---->Supplier performs dropshipping

Hitter's product sources:

Hitter's products come from Aliexpress and 1688 platforms

Hitter's system composition:

Hitter is a Shopify application, a web application and also a Chrome plug-in, designed to meet all e-commerce merchants' needs and make online sales fast, simple and risk-free.




If you have any questions, you can contact us directly by email hittersupport@hitterapp 

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