Use Hitter to collect AliExpress products and import them into the store

一、Hitter has 3 ways to collect products:

1、Enter the product details page and click [ADD TO IMPORT LIST] to collect the corresponding products



2、Collect information through the AliExpress product link. add the PC-side product link to [Manage Products]-[Import List]-[Add Products] button in the pop-up window, and then click Collect, you can collect your favorite product to [Import List]


3、Collect information through the Chrome plug-in. When visiting the AliExpress PC page, you can quickly collect product information. What you need to do is only install a Hitter chrome plug-in in advance, and the installation method will be described later. After installing the plug-in, Product list and details page of AliExpress will support one-click collection of information




二、Product that successfully collected will enter the Import List:

The collected information includes: product title, product description, product variants, images

1、Product title supports re-editing


2、product description:Please be sure to check the content of the product description carefully to avoid some information related to the source store is mixed, for example: the after-sales description of the source store, the recommended picture of related products, etc.


3、Product Variants

Edit attributes. When the merchant thinks that the current attribute naming method does not match its own store, it supports re-editing the attributes and attribute values

Examine the timeliness of freight rates sold to various markets.

Price setting of selling price and original price


4、Main Images

At the moment, all of the product's main images and videos have been collected.

Support local uploading of images


5、Import to Store: Click the [Import to Store] button, and the product will be published to the store, and the imported product will be in the state of being off the shelf by default in the store



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