Finding reliable sources of goods on AE

1.After you find your favorite product, click on the store to see the relevant information of the store supplier:

1.1 Opening time: The longer the opening time usually means the more reliable;

1.2 Commercial license: Determine whether it is a qualified supplier by checking the commercial license; 1.3 Store praise rate: the higher the praise rate, the more the store is recognized by customers and is more trustworthy;

1.4 Detailed seller ratings: Comprehensive evaluation of suppliers from three aspects: whether the product is consistent with the description, customer service, and transportation speed, and shows whether it is higher than the industry average. From the point of view of the score, usually higher than the industry average means that the supplier is basically reliable. The higher the score, the more trustworthy the supplier;

1.5 Number of shop fans: The more shop fans, the more people trust the shop.


2.By checking whether the number of products on the shelves in the supplier’s store is sufficient and whether there are new products in the near future, AliExpress stores usually adopt the mode of distribution, and the number of products on the shelves is sufficient and new products are launched every once in a while, which means that the supplier The store is operating in good condition and is more stable and reliable. 

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