How to Name Your E-commerce Website


Are you thinking of venturing into online business and making money online? Then this is the right article for you. Developing a website for your online business is the wisest decision you could make as an entrepreneur. Websites enable customers to explore all the different services and products you are offering in their own free time. Also, owning a website leads to trust development from your customers because they feel that the business is legitimate.

There are some elements to consider when naming your e-commerce website. They are as follows.

The Qualities of a Good E-commerce Website Name


There are so many websites on the internet today. This is a digital way of representing your brand to social media users by providing all information needed for them to make purchases. Websites have to be named according to the brand, product, and services offered. The name has to represent the various elements of the brand well. The characteristics of these names are;

  • Simple:simplicity is the way to go. Make the name as easy to remember as possible by using a short and catchy name. Short names are memorable, meaning that your website will be accessible to more people. It should also be easy to pronounce, use a name that can be comfortably said and written without spelling mistakes.
  • Uniqueness:before settling on the name for your e-commerce website, search the internet for similar names that might exist. This is crucial since having a similar name as another website causes confusion to your customers and may end up buying from a rival business or decide to quit in case they do not find your website. This reduces your revenue greatly. Create a name that is very eccentric to your brand.
  • Creative:be innovative when it comes to website naming. Think outside the box and come up with a name that will wow your audience. Such a name also encourages people to visit your website as it stimulates their curiosity.
  • Accuracy:select a name that is honest to your brand. This means that the name should represent the services/products being offered in your store. Do not oversell your brand by choosing a name that suggests a product you cannot deliver. Once your customers think they are being manipulated, then that will be the end of your business.

Use Store Name Generation Tools


We are living in a digital world where everything's made easy. Some name generation tools have been developed to assist business owners in naming their businesses and websites. Examples of these tools are Shopify, Freshbooks, Anadea, Name Mesh, Orberlo, Hipster Business Names, and so on. These tools have simplified your work and the only thing for you to do is probably just describing your brand.

  • Shopify:it only needs you to enter a keyword then select the ‘generate button’ and immediately multiple names will be displayed on the screen. Your job is to look at them and choose the most preferred one. Also, creating domains is very easy. After selecting your name you can create your domain in seconds through a very simple procedure guided by the app.
  • Freshbooks:it is an interactive app that is used to generate brand names. You are required to select your industry type then include the keyword that you want to be incorporated into the name. Several names will be shown and you can choose from any of those. If the names did not impress you, there is a button to click to show more suggestions. Also, you can decide to change the keyword for better options.
  • Anadea:this tool provides you with 24 unique names after inputting a word on the search engine. The word must describe your website well. You have the freedom to change the keyword in case the names were not as impressive.
  • Name Mesh:it provides domain name ideas and categorizes them, organizes them in aspects such as short, fun, SEO, new, common, and so on. You can also register a domain once you find the perfect one for you.
  • Orbelo:a free site where you can find names for your website. Simply input the keywords and the site will provide a couple of names for your websites. After that, you can go ahead and create your domain.
  • Hipster Business Names:it is among the most creative sites for name generation. It creates very captivating and fun names for your e-commerce website. To access more suggestions, you refresh the site.


Use Relevant Vocabulary

The vocabulary used in website naming should be strictly in the field of your products and services. It comes in handy especially for those who are new to your brand since by just reading your website name, they can already have an idea of what to expect.

An example of such is Shopify. Anyone who has never heard of Shopify before will automatically know what the site is all about. The name represents its function of shopping online, meaning that one would expect buyers and sellers of different products.

Another instance is Hitter. The meaning of Hitter is to propagate the seller’s business to ‘hit’ the target and become a ‘hit’ in the market. Using this technique guarantees success in your business.

Start Selling on Your New E-commerce Website


Now that you have a functional website with a captivating name, you can start selling your products. Advertise your website on social media platforms to drive traffic in. You can utilize popular influencers who will endorse your brand and products. When selecting these influencers, ensure you do a background check on them to assess their performance on previous promotions.

Additionally, optimize the use of apps like the Hitter App which provides detailed data in multiple dimensions to help businesses succeed. When in dropshipping mode, no funds are needed meaning sellers can make money without investment plus minimal risk. Hitter was developed to make online stores easy to navigate and frees the seller from unnecessary stress.

The Hitter App also offers recommendations on the best suppliers in the market eliminating situations where disagreements occur between the suppliers and the store owners. The most recommended suppliers sites on Hitter are Aliexpress and 1688. 


For any sound entrepreneur, their brand is very delicate and needs to be protected/improved frequently for the success of the business. Taking your business online maximizes profits since one can reach more customers. However, this presents various challenges like the naming of websites. It might sound simple but it is not an easy feat. As a business owner, consider the above guidelines while naming your e-commerce website.

Familiarise yourself with the Hitter App to further widen your scope increasing revenues in the process. Sign up for the app free of charge.


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