How to Discover Business Opportunities For Your Shopify Store Through Social Media


The traditional way of pursuing business opportunities is by physical interaction in events and corporate meetings. Although this technique has not yet phased out, you can always expand your scope by using social media.  Social media has come a long way from just posting for pleasure, interaction to including advertising, marketing of products and brands.

Social media allows you to reach out to more customers and increase profits immensely. Let us dive into the different ways of discovering business opportunities for your Shopify store through social media.


Analysis of Influencers


As a Shopify store owner, you should be very vigilant when choosing which influencers to work with. Different social media influencers have various content from comedy, vlogs, blogs, current affairs, and so on. Depending on the type of product you are selling, evaluate these influencers to know which of them is the best fit to represent your products and attract the most followers. People buy items just because they saw them on a particular person’s page.

There are some things about the influencers you need to do a background check on;

  • Engagement: benchmark on their interaction with their audience and not just focusing on the number of followers. The most effective influencers are those that engage with their followers frequently since this keeps the followers interested, making it easier to introduce a product that will be received well.
  • Social skills:are they competent enough in using technology to their advantage? If yes, then this is the right one for business. Influencers need to be updated on current trends to be ahead of the pack. The quality of their stories, captions, photos, and videos creates a big impact on customers.

Additionally, influencers should be conversant with crisis management skills to have the capability of solving any misunderstandings that may arise about the products they are promoting.

  • Relevance: choose an influencer who is still relevant on social media. Relevancy shows the authenticity of the influencer and it gives you peace of mind that your product/service will be represented well.

Content Analysis

Before deciding which products to sell on your Shopify store, assess what type of content your customers enjoy. This will go a long way in giving you insight into which products are trending in the market and are most preferred. Shopify store owners should choose the products that are most commented on, most posted,  most shared, and even the most reposted products. By doing this, you are guaranteed a successful business in terms of both sales and brand building.

Finding Customers From Comments


It is important to be active when it comes to social media marketing. When your products are posted, followers will have a thing or two to say. They will comment on your products by asking questions like the price of the products, where to find them, the various colors/designs they come in, and how they will be delivered. All these inquiries are found in the comment section of the influencer’s page.

As a Shopify store owner, engage with these potential customers by answering all their questions before they lose interest. Rival businesses also take advantage of such vulnerable clients and snatch them by persuading them to try their products. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for such comments and take full advantage of them to promote your products further, increasing profits in the process.

How Shopify Store Owners Should Interact With Followers on Social Media


Just like any other field, social media requires skills to navigate if you are looking to maximize profits. There are a lot of opportunities on the internet that need to be exploited. One of the ways to discover these opportunities for a Shopify store owner is by learning how to interact with prospects. There are several techniques you can use to improve your interaction skills on social media.

Create a Riveting Content

Creating content for your social media is a crucial process. Social media users flock to the most intriguing content on the internet hence, as a Shopify store owner, make sure that the content is deep and captivating to lure followers into engaging with you as they seek clarification on some aspects. This is a sure way of facilitating interactions between you and your followers.


Everybody loves a good laugh especially after having a bad day at work or school and so on. Integrating humor into your content provides a platform where your followers can always come to cheer themselves up and what better way than funnily advertising your product? Humor encourages followers to engage in conversations with you and other followers in turn promoting your products and brand name.

Humor also keeps the audience yearning for more meaning that your page will be visited severally creating a positive impact on sales.

Entice Followers to Contribute to Content

Another way of interacting with your customers is by allowing them to suggest ideas for your content. This way, you get to know what your followers want while building trust between you and them. Their opinions should be considered so they can feel valued and appreciated, and also, this will make them interact with you more even on other products that will be introduced later.

Contests and Giveaways


Who doesn’t love competitions and free things? Your followers will be so active when they see an opportunity to own an item for free or after winning simple competitions. You can set rules on how to win like they must follow your page or subscribe, like photos on your wall, comment, and share to win or get a giveaway. This encourages participation from your followers and also promotes your relationship with them.

Always make sure that the prize items reach participants on time and in good condition since this also contributes to your reviews.

Schedule Content

Shopify store owners should always alert their followers on their content schedule as it promotes adherence to your social media page. Let them know the time and date when you will be posting so that they can be present when launching the products. Making scheduling a part of your routine helps you to be disciplined since your followers will be expecting content at a particular time.

Use Hashtags to Generate Buzz


Tags are a common thing on social media and could have several benefits to your brand. Create a hashtag for your product and encourage your followers to use that whenever mentioning your items. This generates buzz and many social media users will flock to your page. Also, the products will reach more people than estimated.

Use Influencers to Increase Followers

Influencers are very useful when it comes to the promotion of a certain brand. Seek their assistance to help you learn how to interact with your followers since they have vast experience on social media. Select a well-known influencer who is loved by people to facilitate discussions on your brand and products. Once the audience has associated your brand with such influencers, then they will be open to engaging with you as well for further insight into the brand.


Many entrepreneurs are embracing and looking for digital solutions to boost their business. There are plenty of opportunities on social media that need to be discovered and explored. Apps such as the Hitter App helps store owners find product suppliers. The app also gives recommendations on which products have the best reviews lessening work for you. The Hitter App is here to make online shopping worthwhile for you.


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